Christopher E. Heil

School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0160
(404) 894-9231
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C. Heil:   Introduction to Real Analysis,   Springer, Cham, 2019 (xvii + 400 pp.).

From the preface: This text is an introduction to real analysis. There are several classic analysis texts that I keep close by on my bookshelf and refer to often. However, I find it difficult to use any of these as the textbook for teaching a first course on analysis. They tend to be dense and, in the classic style of mathematical elegance and conciseness, they develop the theory in the most general setting, with few examples and limited motivation. These texts are valuable resources, but I suggest that they should be the second set of books on analysis that you pick up. I hope that this text will be the analysis text that you read first. The definitions, theorems, and other results are motivated and explained; the why and not just the what of the subject is discussed. Proofs are completely rigorous, yet difficult arguments are motivated and discussed ...


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